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Christmas is that time of the year when family and friends get together to wrap up the year and celebrate moments together. It is typically celebrated with abundance – food, drinks, music, laughter, presents… all the jolly good things. Of course, with any festivity, abundance is usually accompanied by waste. We have the 100 million […]

Clutter is bad. It has the word “untidy” as part of its definition. Somehow, the sound of it evokes a mental imagery of hens clucking away. Clutter is also subjective. Your prized iron man collection could be clutter in your partner’s eyes. Clutter can creep into your life without you even realising it. That thing […]

The average person today consumes twice as much material goods as 50 years ago. However, the reasons why we consume is not necessarily because we need the items but because consumerism has crept into our lives. Our rational minds know not to buy things we don’t need, yet our irrational behaviour practises it to varying […]

There is an emotional, social and psychological vacuum for our globetrotting friends right now. Countries are shutting borders and we’ve been advised to travel no further than the supermarket a few blocks from our house. We’ve made plans and bought items for the trip and they are now hidden away, waiting for the day travel […]

“Decluttering” became popular when Netflix published a series featuring Marie Kondo’s home organising strategies and journeys. Now that we are spending a lot more time at home during COVID times, we want to feel light and comfortable right there.  There are strategies and easy hacks that can transform the way your home looks and feels. […]

What’s worse – Your boss breathing down your neck all the time? Or your four year-old constantly looking over your shoulder while you’re working and asking what you’re doing?  Every parent working from home during these COVID times would appreciate the dynamics of having a child-boss around. They demand so much attention, get hungry all […]

We know the mantra – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. But there’s a new trend – Upcycling. It is a type of reusing items which adds greater value to the product than before. Remember that beautiful designer lamp made out of glass bottles? Or that cute denim bag made out of old jeans? We love them because […]