A friend of mine finally got down to do one of his small projects – an upcycled rug made out of the retired climbing rope that he had lying around.

All you need is:

1. Rope ~20m minimum. (as an example, I used 25m of 9.8mm dynamic rope, and made 4 rounds of weave)
2. Pattern template
3. Patience and perseverance. It gets much, much easier after the first weave 😉

There are plenty of resources out there, but Edelrid provides a very comprehensive tutorial:

Their list is very proper, but I managed to do it with just the three items (two actually).

Try it! it’s very gratifying, and I almost didn’t want to stop. Coincidentally I gave it to my mother and she loved it, quoting it was unique and handmade, and it also works as a floor massager for her!

(By Harris Moss)