Jeweled Clutch

Up your game with this jeweled clutch from broken accessories

Shoe Clips From Unused Accessories

The perfect way to transform a pair of simple flats or pumps.

Colorful pins from broken earrings

Reuse your worn out earrings and turn them into fancy pins!

Pencil Case from Soda Bottles

Turn soda bottles into zippered pencil cases!

Cassette Tape Succulent Planter

Craft the perfect recycled fun planter from cassette tapes!

Shampoo Bottle Purse

Stop throwing away shampoo bottles—repurpose them into little purses!

Milk Jug Organizer

This milk jug art bin is a fabulous way to store some of your paints

Planters from used PET bottles

Turn every day PET bottles into cute planters for your green babies. 

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