Climbing rope mat

Make a floor mat out of an old (climbing) rope. Doubles up as a foot massager!

Coffee Mug Display

Hang your coffee mug collection to this wall display using leftover wood

Pillowcase from Old Sweaters

Replace your worn-out pillowcase with these upcycled sweater pillowcase.

Easy-to-make T-shirt Quilt

Here is how to make your very own super simple t-shirt quilt in  10 steps. There are no measurements in this tutorial. The size of your quilt will depend on the number of t-shirts you have, and the size you cut them to with the logos and designs you have!

T Shirt baby quilt blanket

Can’t let go of the awesome t-shirts that you cannot wear anymore? Here’s a fun and simple way you can upcycle them. 

Towel bath mittens

Instead of buying bath sponges and mittens, why not turn an old towel into one?

Paper Bag Baskets

Instead of stashing that folded paper bag at the back of your closet, upcycle it into a really cute basket!

Coasters from old t-shirts

How to turn old clothes into coasters instead of trashing the fabric.

Charging phone holder from used lotion bottles

Holder for your phone when it is charging.

Chair out of a vintage suitcase and old pillows

A comfy chair with an old world appeal.

Pot holder from old clothes pegs

Old clothes pegs? Don’t peg them as trash just yet!

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