Teapot Birdbath Garden Art

If you have teapots, saucers, platters, or bowls sitting in your cupboard for a long time now, make use of them by doing this simple project — an easy DIY birdbath for your garden

Painted Cinder Block Planters

Transform cinder blocks into something beautiful for your patio 

Terra Cotta Lighthouse

Transform clay pots to a mini lighthouse for your garden

Make a flower planter out of a car tire

Grab your worn-out car tires and turn them into beautiful flower planters 🌼

Pallet Vertical Garden

Don’t discard old pallets yet—make them a new home for your plants.

DIY Popsicle Stick Shelf

Turn those popsicles sticks into a beautiful display shelf!

Planters from 55 Gallon Drums

We love plants and we have a lot of these huge drums, too. What we did? We turned these giants into nice homes for our plants

Old Drawer Porch Planters

Love plants, love these upcycled porch planters from old drawers!

Picket Fence Planter Basket

Did you know that you can craft a planter basket from old picket fences? Here we provide you the step-by-step process in creating your own cute planter!

Planters from used PET bottles

Turn every day PET bottles into cute planters for your green babies. 

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