Christmas is that time of the year when family and friends get together to wrap up the year and celebrate moments together. It is typically celebrated with abundance – food, drinks, music, laughter, presents… all the jolly good things. 

Of course, with any festivity, abundance is usually accompanied by waste. We have the 100 million Christmas trees felled each year to root for the occasion, and the more than 30% increase in waste during this holiday alone. 

But before we turn this merry celebration into another lecture on taking care of mother earth and the environment, let’s look at ways in which we can make it a more meaningful one – with handmade effort, and some time and thought invested.


The malls and Internet are full of cheap and pretty decoration items for you to pimp up your place this Christmas. 

Yes, it is nifty to order a box of ornaments to deck out your place. But how about making an activity out of it and create some DIY, upcycled decoration pieces? You could build an entire Christmas tree out of used wine bottles or some simple tea light holders from used tuna cans

When we have big parties, we tend to engage caterers or use disposables to reduce the amount of preparation and cleaning up needed after having a fun and jolly time with our family and friends – no one enjoys cleaning up after the amount of Glühwein and shots. 

However, the right set of crockery and silverware will add the extra oomph to your party. If you were to engage a catering service, opt for one that uses reusable tableware. And if you were to prepare, get that dishwasher going and lay out your plates. 

PS: It also appears that our current pandemic discourages large group gatherings. So, no excuses in dishing out disposables this time!



Santa’s day – presents everywhere. It is almost customary for gifts to be exchanged – even when they don’t hold any special significance. Workplace secret santas are notorious for adding to the Christmas re-gifting pile. 

Instead of buying that off-the-shelf Christmas gift set, why don’t you make something thoughtful instead? A pair of cute earrings from upcycled materials, a tote bag, or cute planters (with a plant inside would be a huge bonus)! 

And for the special people around you, create something that reminds them of you!

Other than putting your creativity to play, upcycling is an activity to be shared with others as well. So, instead of just playing charades or another game of Risk over Christmas, why not create something for the house together? Engage your children in upcycling decorations for the Christmas tree! 

Celebrate this festive season by through thoughtful creations, not mindless consumption. 

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