Circular Fashion.
Circular Community.


Upcipes is collaborating with UltySports to bring circularity to Ultimate Frisbee in support of #SlowFashionSeason.

We are running a program to take back jerseys no longer in use from the veteran players and selling these pre-loved treasures to active players in the community.

It is a coming together of generations to celebrate the spirit of the community through circularity in apparel. 


Collecting jerseys that are no longer in use from veteran players. Give your jerseys new lives back on the fields.

Pickup date: 28 Jun


Jerseys will be sorted and sold as pre-loved treasures to the active community.

Details to be announced.


Half of the profits will go to an UltySports Fund set aside to financially support the development of players to gain exposure in local and overseas tournaments.

The fashion industry is historically responsible for enormous amounts of water consumption and CO2 emissions.

Textile dyeing is the second largest polluter of clean water globally, only after agriculture.

Then there is the enormous waste creation and land use.

We can all play our part in reducing our carbon footprint through the fashion choices we make. 

Not every person is skilled or has the capacity to make their own. But our purchase habits can be tweaked.

Buy fewer clothes. Buy only sustainably-sourced and produced. Buy pre-loved. 

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