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Bookmark with Fabric Flower Design

find any fabric scraps or loose buttons lying around your house! repurpose them into delightful planner or head candies!

Upcycled Toy from an Old T-shirt

Make an Olaf toy out of old fabric materials. Great for kids!

Climbing rope mat

Make a floor mat out of an old (climbing) rope. Doubles up as a foot massager!

Cabinet Door Hanger

Use your old cabinet door and turn it into a hanger

Plant Stand From Old Drawers

Turn your old drawers into Plant Stand!

Swing chair from pallets

Pallet Project: Turn your pallets into a swing chair!

Origami paper cranes from magazine paper

A step by step video on how to fold paper cranes from magazine paper.

From an old window to a wall art

If you have any antique glass window you’re about to throw away, take a halt and get creative. Just turn it into a wall art!

Shelf Hanger

Need space for your stuff? Make this super easy project— a shelf hanger!

Coffee Mug Display

Hang your coffee mug collection to this wall display using leftover wood

Floating Shelf From Scrap Wood

Grab your spare wood and turn it into a floating shelf!

Pillowcase from Old Sweaters

Replace your worn-out pillowcase with these upcycled sweater pillowcase.

Denim Basket

Reuse your old jeans and turn them into a denim basket.

Teapot Birdbath Garden Art

If you have teapots, saucers, platters, or bowls sitting in your cupboard for a long time now, make use of them by doing this simple project — an easy DIY birdbath for your garden

Easy-to-make T-shirt Quilt

Here is how to make your very own super simple t-shirt quilt in  10 steps. There are no measurements in this tutorial. The size of your quilt will depend on the number of t-shirts you have, and the size you cut them to with the logos and designs you have!

Painted Cinder Block Planters

Transform cinder blocks into something beautiful for your patio 

Denim and Copper Magazine Rack

For magazine or book junkies – make a magazine rack out of copper piping and old jeans

Hanging wine rack

Show off your wine collection in this 2×4 board hanging rack! 

Terra Cotta Lighthouse

Transform clay pots to a mini lighthouse for your garden

String Art Decor

Not sure what to do with your spare time? Get creative with this string art decor.

Yarn Lampshade

Make your own lampshade simply with yarns

Jeweled Clutch

Up your game with this jeweled clutch from broken accessories

DIY Leather Belt Yoga Mat Strap

With this quick, easy, and gorgeous leather yoga strap DIY, you’ll be inspired to take that yoga mat out the back of your closet and show it off in class!

T Shirt baby quilt blanket

Can’t let go of the awesome t-shirts that you cannot wear anymore? Here’s a fun and simple way you can upcycle them. 

Fabric Flower Ring

DIY rings out of fabric? Totally possible!

Shoe Clips From Unused Accessories

The perfect way to transform a pair of simple flats or pumps.

Floating Shelf Using Old Belts

Place your household items with style by making this floating shelf using old belts

Colorful pins from broken earrings

Reuse your worn out earrings and turn them into fancy pins!

Fabric Bulletin Board From Old Drawers

Make something useful out of your old drawers and create a fabric cork board to use in the kitchen, your bedroom, even at your office!

Lamp shade from old fan cover

I made a cute lamp shade from an old fan cover as the mini fan’s body had disintegrated. It turned out perfect and really cute!

Towel bath mittens

Instead of buying bath sponges and mittens, why not turn an old towel into one?

Pallet Coffee Table

Love coffee? Enjoy it on this coffee table made from pallets. ☕

Make a flower planter out of a car tire

Grab your worn-out car tires and turn them into beautiful flower planters 🌼

Wine Cork Vases

If you’re a wine cork collector, this is one way how to put those corks into good use 🍾

Pallet Vertical Garden

Don’t discard old pallets yet—make them a new home for your plants.

Scrunchie Out of a T-Shirt

Got an old shirt? Turn it into scrunchies! 

DIY Popsicle Stick Shelf

Turn those popsicles sticks into a beautiful display shelf!

Pencil Case from Soda Bottles

Turn soda bottles into zippered pencil cases!

Reusable mask from old clothes

How to make your own reusable face masks in times of COVID-19.

Paper Bag Baskets

Instead of stashing that folded paper bag at the back of your closet, upcycle it into a really cute basket!

No sew tote bag from old T Shirt

Turn that old T-Shirt into a cute tote bag without stitches!

Desk Magazine Holder

A great way to organize loose papers, magazines, and notebooks

K-cup Tissue Paper Flower

Looking for something fun and spring-like to do with the kids? Well, I have a DIY K-cup tissue paper flower!

Pendant Light Bowls

Light up your home with these pendant light bowls!

Mason Jars Craft

These school-themed mason jars are perfect for storing all kinds of school supplies!

Planters from 55 Gallon Drums

We love plants and we have a lot of these huge drums, too. What we did? We turned these giants into nice homes for our plants

Cassette Tape Succulent Planter

Craft the perfect recycled fun planter from cassette tapes!

Easter Chick Craft

Got a few extra K-Cups laying around? If so, you need to make this super cute Easter chick craft!

Rustic Bulletin Board From Wine Corks

Up your recycling game even more and make a really cool cork bulletin board!

Tuna Can Tea Light Hangers

Light up your room with these Tuna Can Tea Light Hangers!

Notebooks From Grocery Bags

Create a pretty book out of recycled grocery bags

Shampoo Bottle Purse

Stop throwing away shampoo bottles—repurpose them into little purses!

Milk Jug Organizer

This milk jug art bin is a fabulous way to store some of your paints

Old Drawer Porch Planters

Love plants, love these upcycled porch planters from old drawers!

Coasters from old t-shirts

How to turn old clothes into coasters instead of trashing the fabric.

Rolling Toy Storage Bins

Turn your old drawers into a rolling toy storage bin!

Tic Tac Toe On The Go

Got something handy for the kids to play with? Forget gadgets for now, make this reusable game and have fun playing it!

Picket Fence Planter Basket

Did you know that you can craft a planter basket from old picket fences? Here we provide you the step-by-step process in creating your own cute planter!

Planters from used PET bottles

Turn every day PET bottles into cute planters for your green babies. 

Charging phone holder from used lotion bottles

Holder for your phone when it is charging.

Organiser out of toilet rolls and a shoe box

Your customised organiser for cables and other knick knacks.

Chair out of a vintage suitcase and old pillows

A comfy chair with an old world appeal.

Pot holder from old clothes pegs

Old clothes pegs? Don’t peg them as trash just yet!

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